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GLS100R GLS100R® Anti-Slip Footbridge Coatings

The footbridge at West Byfleet Station, with its tiled surface became slippery in wet weather. So South West Trains turned to GLS Coatings Ltd for a unique solution: GLS 100R® anti-slip coating.

GLS100RWest Byfleet footbridge was coated with GLS100R® anti-slip coatings, and able to take foot-traffic immediately.

The work was completed in just two nights. The team of three Technicians arrived on site at West Byfleet Station at 21:30 on Tuesday, 15th September. The safety of passengers and staff is paramount, so barriers were erected at all access points.

The entire area was ground using specialist diamond grinders to remove the glaze from the top of the tiles. The area was then cleaned and all the dust was removed. It was noted there were signs of water oozing up between some of the grout lines. The technicians cut the wet grout out and introduced a PU sealant in its place to completely stop the water ingress.

Work began at 23:19 on the second night, with the area being swept clean, before being chemically wiped to remove any residual grease. Next, a chemical Primer was applied to the tiles, to prepare the surface to receive GLS100R®.

Finally, GLS 100R® Specialist anti-slip coating was spray-applied to the entire walkway. Because GLS100R® is TOUCH-DRY in under 10 seconds, the team had completed the whole job, which was signed off by the Client at 03:18.

Later the same day, early morning commuters were streaming over the footbridge to catch their trains, completely unaware that less than 4 hours earlier, the bridge had received an entirely new, anti-slip coating.

From start to finish GLS Coatings’ Projects have complete traceability through our bespoke iPad Digital Reporting System

Network rail approved anti-slip footbridge coatings

From trackside assets and rolling stock, to roofs and platforms, GLS Coatings' technicians have got it covered.


  • Abrasion resistant coatings in vehicles
  • Coating for trailers carrying waste / aggregate
  • Vehicle body undercoating (rolling stock and others)
  • Protecting RV trucks from electrical conductivity (HV)
  • Highway and bridge overlays
  • Insulating Panwells
  • Bunded areas for chemical protection
  • Coating inside of tanks for protection against corrosion

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