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GLS Coatings come into their own when used for lining Tanks, Bunds, Manholes and Sewers

Our Specialist Spray-applied Polyurea Coatings protect steel pipes, concrete and other substrates from chemically corrosive elements and can be applied during the construction phase or when refurbishment is being undertaken.


  • Meets the requirements of both UK WRAS approval and Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
  • Sprayed to desired thickness
  • Touch dry in seconds - fast return to service

Impervious to the full range of chemicals

From concrete to glass fibre, GLS Coatings’ spray-applied coating is THE proven solution for repairing bund linings.

From start to finish GLS Coatings’ Projects have complete traceability through our bespoke iPad Digital Reporting System

GLS pure Polyurea contains NO CFC's, NO VOC's and NO SOLVENTS and is 100% solids. It is also touch dry in 5 to 7 seconds making it easy and quick to apply.


The coatings are professionally applied by our trained applicators using specialist high pressure plural component equipment. The speed and ease of application allows large surface areas to be coated in a very short time providing the fastest return to service.


GLS has access to systems which have been specially formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of both UK WRAS approval as well as Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, the UK's most stringent and highest standard for water containment.

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Case Studies

Bund Coatings

Because our coating has elongation properties of over 300%, it is the only coating which moves with the natural movements of the bund and doesn't crack, providing the perfect solution which lasts for decades. It can be used to seal failing fibreglass, steel or concrete bunds.


Wearing full BA sets, our Technicians worked in the strictly controlled environment at INEOS Chlor's Runcorn site to cure a leak in their 15K Caustic tank bund.

Our coating was the only one which can withstand the effects of NaOH and because it is TOUCH DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS, the bund was returned to service immediately.

Petrochemical Industry

Because GLS Coatings are impervious to the effects of diesel fuel and petroleum, they are the perfect solution for refineries, tank exteriors, pipelines and petrochemical applications.

Leeds-Bradford Airport Aviation Fuel Bund

The Jet A1(Kerosene) fuel bund at Leeds Bradford Airport had been out of action for some time, so they turned to GLS Coatings Ltd for a solution. In 2014, our team of Technicians prepared and coated the 240m2 bund with our Specialist Polyurea Coating with the work coming in on time and fully to specification.

Lee White, who commissioned the work, said, "Everywhere I go I tell people the story of your spray coating and how in my opinion it sorted out the bund at Leeds.

As soon as an opportunity arises, I'll be calling as it was so simple and efficient. To me it is a no brainer."


Lining man-holes provides another application for GLS Coatings. With our Technicians working with full safety gear, including air-fed masks and rescue tripod system, they coated the man-hole system on a Cheshire-based Chemical plant. The coating completely stopped the leak from the concrete man-hole and the work was completed in just one day.

Nuclear Sector

Our teams are fully experienced when working in the Nuclear Sector.

Among the nuclear sites we have worked on is Dungeness A Site, at Romney Marsh in Kent. Project Manager Jim Maamoun commissioned GLS Coatings to coat a Drainage Reception Tank at the plant.

We worked with Jim to devise the Work Package Plan and the Methodology for the work. Because of the nature of the work, our Technicians had to provide Training and Medical Certificates for Confined Space working, and Fit Test certification for the specialist respirators which were required.

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For no-obligation technical advice, just get in touch and we will be pleased to help.