GLS100R Electrical insulation up to 35,000 Volts

GLS100R® Electrical Insulation

GLS100R® Rail Coatings - insulates steelwork up to 35,000 Volts. GLS100R® is the PROVEN solution when complete insulation protection is needed.

GLS100R Trackside Line Markings

GLS100R® Trackside Line Markings

GLS100R ® is the ideal solution for markings for: lane lines, platform edge lines, hatch markings, stop lines and level crossings and has been proven to last years.

GLS100R antislip coatings

GLS100R® Anti-Slip Coatings

GLS100R® Specialist anti-slip coating is TOUCH-DRY in under 10 seconds and is able to take foot-trafic immediately after application. Our anti-slip coatings are proving their worth on floors, where their resilience to foot traffic and vehicular traffic means the life-expectancy is increased ten-fold.

GLS100R rail infrastructure

GLS100R® Rail Infrastructure

Our rail coatings provide a fast return to service, allowing work to be completed during off peak hours. GLS100R® is abrasion resistant and protects against harsh environments. GLS 100R® coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and have been used to coat diesel bunds for Network Rail.

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