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From start to finish GLS Coatings’ Projects have complete traceability with our bespoke iPad Digital Reporting System.

GLS Coatings’ Technicians digitally record every step of a project directly on their iPads.

Bespoke iPad Digital Reporting

The bespoke computer program requires the inputting of all the data records relating to:

  • The correct operation of the plural component application equipment
  • The operating conditions of the machine, including balance, temperature, pressure, throughout the application process.
  • Ambient conditions, including air temperature, dew point, wind-speed and relative humidity.
  • Batch numbers of any Primers used.
  • Batch numbers of all components (A&B)
  • Substrate condition, including substrate temperature and moisture
  • Thickness checks across 4 points within each 1 metre square spray area.
  • Holitech Holiday Spark Tests across coated areas.

In addition to the technical data, the iPad Reporting System requires a series of Photographs to be taken, recording every stage of the work, including:

  • Condition of substrate prior to commencement of the work
  • Preparation of the substrate to the required Standard. This can include Vapour-blasting.
  • Application of appropriate Primer System.
  • Coating being applied to the substrate.
  • Elcometer thickness checks at four point within each square metre.
  • The completed work.


  • At the end of the process, the work is signed off by the Client – confirming that it has been completed in accordance with agreed Specification.
  • There is a section with in the iPad Reporting System for the Client to add any comments or observations relating to the work.

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