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GLS Coatings Ltd have the proven solution for TOUCH POTENTIAL ISSUES at the hundreds of Electric Vehicle Charging Points around the UK.

Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging

With the new Rapid EV Charging Points, normally found on motorway service stations, you can charge your car’s battery by as much as 80% in just 20 minutes.

These Rapid DC Chargers provide up to 50kW of power, while the rapid AC chargers provide up to 43kW – quickly getting you on your journey again.

Our Accredited Technicians spray-apply our GLS 100R® EV Charging Electrically Insulating Coating onto lighting columns and other steelwork adjacent to the EV Charging Points.

GLS 100R® Electrically Insulating Coating insulates up to 193,000 Volts and removes the possibility of Touch Potential issues.

GLS 100R® is spray-applied and is TOUCH DRY IN UNDER 10 SECONDS, providing INSTANT electrical insulation of the steelwork of the lighting column – removing the risk of Touch Potential Issues.

ev charging station insulation

There are strict controls on HOW GLS 100R® must be applied to ensure full conformity. From start to finish, GLS Coatings Projects have complete traceability.

Our Technicians are supplied with an iPad Reporting System on which they digitally record every part of the application process. And when the work is completed, the job is signed off on the iPad by the Client.

What is Touch Potential?

When someone touches something electrically ‘live’ with their hands, Touch Potential is the Voltage that may flow between their hand and feet to the earth.

Touch potential is particularly dangerous because current flows from the hand, across the heart and down the legs, when they are standing on the earth. This can cause a cardiac arrest.

If steelwork, such as a lighting column, is electrically insulated with GLS 100R®, this removes the possibility of someone receiving an electric shock from it, if it becomes ‘live’.

Antimicrobial coating

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