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GLS100R GLS 200B® Leeds Bradford Airport Bund Lining Case Study

GLS Coatings were approached on behalf of Leeds Bradford Airport because one of their aviation fuel points was out of action due to the failure of a coating on its bunded area.

Technical situation

GLS Coatings Ltd carried out a detailed technical evaluation of the customer's current situation.

It became immediately apparent that the existing fibreglass coating, which had only been in situ for a few months, was beginning to crack and had been adversely affected by the aviation fuel.

Also, the area around the sump at one corner of the bund had been leaking around the pipework.

Leeds Bradford Airport were looking for a solution which would seal the whole bund, particularly around the pipework, as well as providing a chemical resistant coating.


GLS Coatings specified GLS 200B Bund Lining Protective Coating.

It was spray-applied to the surface of the bund and because it seals and protects instantly (it is touch-dry in under 10 seconds), the whole bund was fully protected and ready to go back into service within 24 hours.

GLS Coatings Specialist Bund Lining Coatings meet recent legislation, which states that bunds must now be in good repair, of adequate size and be completely watertight.

Only GLS Specialist bund coating is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, from Potassium Hydroxide, to Hydrochloric and Sulphuric Acid.


  • Chemical Resistant bund sealing
  • Approved for Contact with Potable Water
  • Used in Marine Environments
  • Used in Cold Storage Facilities
  • Suitable for Waste Water Facilities
  • Extremely Durable and Hard-wearing
  • Fast-curing bund repairs
  • Ideal for bund refurbishments

Our specialist bund linings create a completely seamless membrane, providing a sealed environment that is both oil and water tight, thus containing any potential diesel, fuel, chemical or oil leaks or spillages within the bund.

Why Use GLS Specialist bund Coatings?

GLS Coatings' Specialist bund linings have been used extensively throughout the UK.

By refurbishing existing bunds, many companies have saved significant capital expenditure and prevented further problems in the future by repairing leaking tanks and bund linings promptly with GLS Coatings' specialist bund coatings. 

GLS Coatings' chemical resistant bund coating structurally reinforces corroded structures and weakened substrates. Our coating adheres to concrete, brick, steel, vitrified and clay pipes, cast iron, asbestos, glass fibre and PVC.

GLS Coating is fast curing and is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is ideal for bund refurbishments and has been approved for contact with potable water.


GLS has access to systems which have been specially formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of both UK WRAS approval as well as Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, the UK's most stringent and highest standard for water containment.

GLS pure Polyurea contains NO CFC's, NO VOC's and NO SOLVENTS and is 100% solids. It is also touch dry in 5 to 7 seconds making it easy and quick to apply.

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