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Seamless Floor Coatings can take light foot traffic immediately

GLS Coatings Main Brochure - From rail and industrial to the refurbishment of balconies and walkways for local authorities, our range of specialist protective coatings is making a positive difference throughout the UK.

GLS Coatings Ltd specialise in the development and application of Protective Coatings for a wide range of sectors, including Rail, Off-shore, Chemical, Utilities, Food Production and Local Authority housing.

Instant Cure Waterproofing and Balcony Renovation

GLS100R® Rail Brochure - GLS100R® is the ONLY Approved Framework Supplier to Network Rail for the application of Electrically Insulating Coatings.

From platform roof coatings, to floors and from lift shafts to chemical bund coatings. From anti-slip on stairways, to line markings, to electrical insulation coatings on location cases and OLE.

Bund Coatings, the cost effective solution for leaking bunds

Roofing and Asbestos Encapsulation Brochure - GLS Coatings' seamless waterproofing roof coating systems will significantly extend the lifespan of your leaking roof without the expense of a complete re-roof.

We offer a complete range of roofing systems from leading manufacturers including GLS Coatings, Sika, BASF and Langley Roofing Systems.

Seamless Floor Coatings can take light foot traffic immediately

GLS Coatings Flooring Brochure - Our commercial and industrial floor coatings are economical, stronger, quicker, and less disruptive to install than conventional flooring applications, providing the fastest back-in-service polyurea floor coating available.

Our range of Specialist Floor Coatings will adhere to virtually any substrate, regardless of shape or size, including wood, concrete, fibreglass, plastic, metals, steel and copper, whether new or in service AND they are anti-slip.

Alternatively, you can telephone us on: 0800 231 5260 to discuss your coating requirements