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GLS Coat and finish a 780 square metre warehouse floor in just FIVE hours!

Based on previous successful projects for BYK Additive, GLS Coatings Ltd were again commissioned to prepare and coat a large warehouse floor in their Widnes plant.

BYK wanted a floor coating which gave a fast return-to-service time, that must be able to take heavy industrial use, including that from forklift trucks, was chemical resistant and had a manufacturer’s warranty.

Following a site visit, GLS determined the entire floor would require shot-blasting to provide a smooth and sound uniform surface before the coating could be applied.

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BYK Warehouse Floor Day 1

GLS Coatings’ technicians, wearing full PPE, used High pressure water suppress blasting to prepare the concrete deck.

Local exhaust ventilation was employed to control the dust and noise mitigation measures ensured the sound generated was modulated so as not to disturb adjacent properties.

GLS100R Electrical Insulation

BYK Warehouse Floor Day 2

Meticulous examination of the concrete substrate, together with testing, was carried out. Following the inspection process GLS technicians selected and applied a Specialist Primer to the floor, with the addition of broadcast Kiln dried sand. The Primer provided the optimum chemical and mechanical bond for the chosen coating system.

BYK Warehouse Floor Day 3

GLS chose Krypton Polyurea H SL for the top-coat. This product met all the criteria specified by the Client – the paramount being that the floor was ready for light use just three hours after the work has been completed.

All areas not to receive the coating were masked off to ensure crisp edges. Using top of the range Graco plural component equipment, Polyurea H SL was spray-applied to the floor. The coating was drying as it was being applied, allowing adjacent areas to receive even coverage. The entire floor area of 780 square metres was coated in under five hours.

GLS100R Cardiff Case Study

The warehouse was back in use the following day.

Only Technicians Accredited by Krypton Chemicals are permitted to apply Krypton Products and GLS Coatings’ Technicians have undertaken extensive training to meet Krypton’s exacting requirements.


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Long Lasting commercial roof coatings

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