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Roofs – we never give them a second thought – UNTIL THEY LEAK!

Then who you gonna call….?

Call GLS Coatings' team of experienced accredited Technicians and they will have your roof doing what it's meant to, before you have time to put up your umbrella!

GLS Coatings' Specialist seamless roof coatings will significantly extend the lifespan of the roof without the expense of a complete re-roof. And our work carries a manufacturer's warranty of up to 30 years, to give you complete peace of mind.

When combined with our Spray-Foam Insulation, over-coated with our Specialist Coating, this fully complies with the new Part L Building Regulations, governing the insulation properties, when existing buildings are being renovated. And our roof coatings can be used to fully encapsulate asbestos, without disturbing it – avoiding the costs of a complete re-roof, while guaranteeing a rapid return to service.

Our industrial roof coatings are used extensively to seal and prevent flat roof leaks in industrial and commercial buildings.

Our Technicians operate from mobile coating units, complete with top of the range Graco coating machines, compressors and generators. As with any coating, surface preparation is everything – whether they are coating steel, concrete or timber, our technicians will ensure the substrate is correctly prepared to receive GLS Specialist Roofing Coating.

Our Technicians then spray-apply the coating and HERE'S THE BEST BIT:

GLS Coatings specialist roof coatings are seamless, maintenance free, fast drying (10 seconds) coating, which will INSTANTLY seal and protect all exterior roof areas. The industrial roof coatings provides a totally weather resistant surface which will withstand extreme temperatures. AND it can be applied in all temperatures, from -50°C to 120°C.

GLS' Specialist Roofing Coating is also an excellent solution for waterproofing leaky metal roofing. The elastomeric nature of the membrane/coating system means it will easily absorb the natural expansion and contraction cycles of the metal roof without tearing or fracture. This is critical for a long and successful service life.

The speed of application available with the GLS Coatings' roof coatings ensures that the roof is coated and back in service far quicker, with less disruption, than conventional roof applications. Faster return to service keeps costs to a minimum and saves you money.

Seamless Roof Coatings

GLSCoatings' Specialist Roofing System is applied by our own accredited roofing Technicians and has the following benefits:

  • Long Lasting – up to 30 years
  • Quick to Apply
  • Touch Dry in Seconds
  • High-elongation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-slip

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