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Leeds Bradford Airport Case Study Case Study

Business Situation

GLS Coatings were approached on behalf of Leeds Bradford Airport because one of their aviation fuel points was out of action due to the failure of a coating on its bunded area.

Technical situation

GLS Coatings Ltd carried out a detailed technical evaluation of the customer's current situation.

It became immediately apparent that the existing fibreglass coating, which had only been in situ for a few months, was beginning to crack and had been adversely affected by the aviation fuel.

Also, the area around the sump at one corner of the bund had been leaking around the pipework.

Leeds Bradford Airport were looking for a solution which would seal the whole bund, particularly around the pipework, as well as providing a chemical resistant coating.


GLS Coatings specified GLS 100R Protective Coating.

It was spray-applied to the surface of the bund and because it seals and protects instantly (it is touch-dry in under 10 seconds), the whole bund was fully protected and ready to go back into service within 24 hours.


The unrivalled return to work time which only GLS Coatings specialist protective coatings bring to every application, ensured the aviation bund was back in service within 24 hours. GLS Coatings technicians operate from fully self-contained mobile coating rigs.

This means that clients can have confidence that even the biggest job can be completed with the minimum disruption to the workflow.

Our protective bund and tank coatings are the long term cost-effective guaranteed solution and offer the following benefits:

Products and services GLS Coatings offer

GLS Coatings' bund and tank linings created a completely seamless chemical resistant membrane, providing a sealed environment which contains any potential diesel, fuel, chemical, or oil spillages within the bund.

Only GLS Specialist bund coating is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, from Potassium Hydroxide, to Hydrochloric and Sulphuric Acid. It has been used successfully on a caustic soda bund, where other coatings had failed. As with all GLS Coatings, the bund was back in service the same day.

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