While traditional line markings on level crossings can fade in a few months, GLS 100R® has been proven to last years.GLS100R

GLS 100R® is a cost effective and long-lasting alternative to thermoplastic marking or conventional marking paint and is also much easier to work with. Our anti slip coatings are proving their worth on floors, where their resilience to foot traffic and vehicular traffic means the life-expectancy is increased ten-fold.

Applied by our Accredited and PTS trained Technicians, there is no need for the trucks and crews traditionally used to lay down thermo-plastic. GLS 100R® can be laid onto any trackside surface even in temperatures dropping to -40oC, - days of waiting for the temperature to be just right are over!

Whether you need to mark a few lines on a platform or overhaul your level-crossings, GLS 100R® is a resilient marking solution that will stay the course and remain bright and clear.

GLS100R Trackside line markings

GLS 100R® is Network Rail approved and can be applied directly to the road surface without need for any primer or other complicated preparation.

GLS 100R® offers high durability for long-term trackside presence and superior reflectivity in both wet and dry conditions making it an ideal solution for a the full range of marking applications.

From start to finish GLS Coatings’ Projects have complete traceability through our bespoke iPad Digital Reporting System

GLS Coatings Ltd are an Approved Supplier to Network Rail.

Faster return to service

Our rail coatings provide a fast return to service, allowing work to be completed during off peak hours.

GLS 100R® coatings are applied by our PTS trained technicians. GLS Coatings’ mobile rigs include a spray machine, a portable generator and an air-compressor. Completing the kit is a collapsible spray-tent, with GRP mechanics. This ensures it complies with Network Rail’s safety requirements.

GLS100R Trackside line markings

Trackside Marking Benefits

  • Network Rail approved
  • Applied directly to the road surface without need for any primer
  • Superior reflectivity in both wet and dry conditions
  • Resilient to foot traffic and vehicular traffic 

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