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Replacement Bund Linings FAQs

GLS Coatings can advise on the most suitable solution for all bund sealing, both for new structures and also for refurbishing your existing bund linings.

Over time tanks can corrode, and bunds also lose their ability to contain constant drips and spillages. Tank leakage and seepage through the base and walls of a bund could violate the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001, endangering people and the environment.

Please click here to view the information contained in the Environment Agency Guidance pdf for Above ground oil storage tanks: PPG 2, August 2011: "Advice on how to store oil safely in above ground oil storage tanks and comply with the law (excludes oil refineries and distribution depots for which there are several other specific PPG's issued)."

The environmental agency has released a set of standards that must now be adhered to, making sure that secondary containment is efficiently protecting any bunds. Pollution Prevention Guidance (PDF)

You can save significant capital expenditure and prevent further problems in the future by repairing leaking tanks and bund linings promptly with GLS Coatings. Please contact one of our fully trained specialists for any queries regarding bunds and tank sealing.

Applying GLS Coatings' Bund Lining System

  • 1. Prior to applying any Bund lining or protective coating in a primary or secondary containment tank or area over an existing structure, it is always necessary to first inspect and where necessary then carry out repairs to any visible damage or cracks in the concrete surface.

    2. GLS Coatings will clean the existing location with either water or grit blasting and then left to dry.

    3. Our GLS Coatings' spray applied bund liner is then applied.

GLS Coatings' Bund Lining Features:

  1. ✓ Chemical Resistant bund sealing
  2. ✓ Structurally reinforces corroded structures or weakened substrates
  3. ✓ Adheres to concrete, brick, steel, vitrified and clay pipes, cast iron, asbestos, glass fibre and PVC
  4. ✓ Approved for Contact with Potable Water
  5. ✓ Used in Marine Environments
  6. ✓ Used in Cold Storage Facilities
  7. ✓ Suitable for Water Waste Facilities
  8. ✓ Extremely Durable and Hard-wearing
  9. ✓ Fast-curing bund repairs
  10. ✓ Ideal for bund refurbishments

What substrates will GLS' Bund Coating adhere to?

Our range of bund coatings will adhere to virtually any substrate, regardless of shape or size, including wood, concrete, fibreglass, plastic, metals, steel and copper, whether new or in service. GLS Coatings' also significantly reinforce the coated structure and our replacement bund linings provide rust and corrosion protection.

Bespoke Bund Coatings

Our protective bund coating is the long term cost effective guaranteed solution and offers the following benefits:

  • Chemical Resistant bund sealing
  • Approved for Contact with Potable Water
  • Used in Marine Environments
  • Used in Cold Storage Facilities
  • Suitable for Water Waste Facilities
  • Extremely Durable and Hard-wearing
  • Fast-curing bund repairs
  • Ideal for bund refurbishments

Replacement Bund Linings

GLS Coatings' Specialist bund linings have been used extensively throughout the UK.

The bund linings create a completely seamless membrane, providing a sealed environment that is both oil and water tight, thus containing any potential diesel, fuel, chemical or oil leaks or spillages within the bund.

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