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Leaking Bunds - The BAD News…

Remember - The Environment Agency are able to impose uncapped fines on anyone who causes any leaking bund spill, it is not necessarily the responsibility of the site owner as it is the polluter who pays.

Oil is the commonest pollutant in the UK, accounting for one quarter of all incidents, many from leaking bunds.

You may be prosecuted and fined if oil from your site enters the ground or watercourses. And you may have to pay substantial clean-up costs. The Oil Storage Regulations are designed to prevent oil spills within the petro chemical industry.

Bund Repairs - The GOOD News…

  • Do you have a leaking bund?
  • Have you tried to repair you leaking bund repeatedly, without success?
  • Are you in danger of breaching the petro chemical Oil Storage Regulations?

GLS Coatings have the solution for bund repairs

GLS Coatings' accredited and experienced Technician can completely coat your bund with our Specialist Bund Coating. Our chemical resistant bund coatings are proven to be resistant to hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and a wide range of other chemicals. By repairing your leaking bund with one of GLS Coating's chemical resistant bund coatings, you will be fully compliant with the Oil Storage Regulations.

Concrete structures can be coated to preserve and protect them; GLS Coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and are used to coat diesel bunds for Network Rail.

GLS Coatings are particularly effective against hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) which affects the calcium carbonate constituents of concrete, and a wide range of chemicals and can halt the effects of concrete cancer.

Whether you're lining a new bund or repairing a leaking bund, whether you need Primary or Secondary Containment, our protective bund coats are the long term cost-effective solution

GLS Coatings' Specialist bund coatings system is spray-applied, fast-curing and is touch-dry in 5 - 10 seconds, giving you a quick return to service for leaking bunds and is a long term cost effective solution, satisfying you and the environment.

GLS Coatings Specialist Bund Coatings meet recent legislation, which states that bunds must now be in good repair, of adequate size and be completely watertight.

Coastal Protection

Britain's coastline has taken a battering from the sea, with sea-walls being swept away by the ravages of the storms. GLS Specialist Protective Coating can preserve and protect the concrete which lines our coasts. Our coatings are resilient to the effects of abrasion and saltwater and are proven to withstand the blows from a sledgehammer.

Bespoke Bund Coatings

If required, we can also offer an anti-microbial system which is both microbiostatic and microbiocidal, providing an ideal solution for all areas where total hygiene is of paramount importance for bund sealing.

Bespoke Bund Coatings

Our protective bund coating is the long term cost effective guaranteed solution and offers the following benefits:

  • Chemical Resistant bund sealing
  • Approved for Contact with Potable Water
  • Used in Marine Environments
  • Used in Cold Storage Facilities
  • Suitable for Water Waste Facilities
  • Extremely Durable and Hard-wearing
  • Fast-curing bund repairs
  • Ideal for bund refurbishments

Replacement Bund Linings

GLS Coatings' Specialist bund linings have been used extensively throughout the UK.

The bund linings create a completely seamless membrane, providing a sealed environment that is both oil and water tight, thus containing any potential diesel, fuel, chemical or oil leaks or spillages within the bund.

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