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GLS 100R® is the ONLY approved electrical insulation coating that insulates up to 35,000 Volts

There are NO SHOCKS with GLS 100R® Insulating Coating

  • ✓ Do you want a coating that is proven to insulate steelwork up to 35,000 Volts?
  • ✓ Do you want a coating that will insulate against the risk of touch-potential?
  • ✓ Imagine having an approved insulation coating that will last for decades.
  • ✓ Do you want a coating that is TOUCH-DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS?

Then GLS Coatings' GLS 100R®, independently tested by ERA Technology is the ONLY ONE for you. GLS 100R® Coating, when applied to steelwork, provides an insulating coating resistant to 35,000 Volts.

GLS 100R electrical insulation coatings are applied by our PTS trained techniciansGLS Coatings’ mobile rigs include a Graco E-10 machine, a portable generator and air-compressor. Completing the kit is a collapsible spray-tent, with GRP mechanics. This ensures it complies with Network Rail safety requirements.

Because GLS Coating Teams are fully mobile (we completed all Wessex Route’s Location cases within just TWO WEEKS), we can be operational in a matter of minutes. And as our GLS 100R® Coating is TOUCH DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS, it is unrivalled in its crucial return-to-service time.


electrical insulated location cases

transformer box insualtion applied throught Wessex RoutesWessex Routes have insulated ALL of their Location Cases covered by the ORR Notice
I/20121220/JSM (SIN 119)

proven touch protential

GLS 100R® - the PROVEN solution

Network Rail Approved

Network Rail Approved electrical insulation coatings

As a Network Rail Approved Supplier, GLS Coatings' PTS-trained technicians, using self-contained mobile coating rigs, can coat and encapsulate ANY steelwork – whether it is the metal railings surrounding a sub-station, or the steelwork of a pole-mounted distribution transformer (above), GLS 100R® is the PROVEN solution when complete insulation protection is needed.

Network Rail Approved

GLS 100R®:

  • insulates up to 35,000 Volts
  • is touch-dry in under 10 seconds
  • lasts for decades
  • is anti-graffiti
  • is abrasion resistant
  • protects and waterproofs

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