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No more slipping for commuters at Clapham Junction Station – thanks to GLS 100R® Anti-slip coating

Business Situation

Almost half a million passengers use Clapham Junction Station every weekday, making it the busiest station in the UK.

When South West Trains were concerned that commuters might slip on the ramps at the station entrances, they turned to GLS Coatings Ltd for our proven solution – GLS 100R® anti-slip coating.

How was the work undertaken?

The original surface of the ramps comprised the usual terrazzo tiles, which became slippery when wet.

Andy Evans, Director of GLS Coatings Ltd., explained how the work was carried out on the north Grant Road entrance to the station, "The work was scheduled to be carried out over three nights of the 22nd to 24th September, 2015 and I am pleased to say it was completed to schedule and without a problem."


The team of four Technicians arrived on site and began work at 01:30. With the safety of passengers and staff being the main priority, barriers were erected on one side of the ramp, to allow safe access for the duration of the work.

The top surface glaze was removed from the terrazzo tiles of the ramp, using precision diamond grinders. The dust and debris from this operation was contained, using vacuum attachments on the grinders, in compliance with our ISO 14001 Accreditation.

Once the tiles were prepared, the remaining time on the first night, together with the entire second night, was spent applying a specialist Primer to the entire ramp area. The team finished the work at 04:30 on both nights.

On night 3, which began at 01:30, the team applied GLS 100R® Specialist anti-slip coating in a light grey finish. Using the precision plural component spray units, GLS 100R® was spray-applied to the entire ramp area. Because GLS 100R® is touch-dry in under 10 seconds, the whole job was finished by 04:30.

Less than four hours after the work was completed, the first passengers of the day entered Clapham Junction Station, able to walk on the new, smart, anti-slip coating.



Only GLS Specialist bund coating is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, from Potassium Hydroxide, to Hydrochloric and Sulphuric Acid.

GLS Coatings' chemical resistant bund coating structurally reinforces corroded structures and weakened substrates. Our coating adheres to concrete, brick, steel, vitrified and clay pipes, cast iron, asbestos, glass fibre and PVC.

GLS Coating is fast curing and is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is ideal for bund refurbishments and has been approved for contact with potable water.

Footbridge at West Byfleet Station

Originally planned over three nights – the work was actually completed in just two, due to torrential rain making work impossible on the second night.

Night 1

The team of three Technicians arrived on site at West Byfleet Station at 21:30 on Tuesday, 15th September. The safety of passengers and staff is paramount, so barriers were erected at all access points.

The entire area was ground using specialist diamond grinders to remove the glaze from the top of the tiles. The area was then cleaned and all the dust was removed. It was noted there were signs of water oozing up between some of the grout lines. The technicians cut the wet grout out and introduced a PU sealant in its place to completely stop the water ingress.

Levels of moisture and dew point have to be closely monitored, when the temperature drops while working overnight. Recordings of moisture levels as high as 5%, with dew forming on the surface of the tiles, meant the team took the decision not to prime the area. And they finished work at 02:15.

After being rained off on NIGHT 2, Work began at 23:19 on NIGHT 3

The area was swept clean, before being chemically wiped to remove any residual grease. Next, a chemical Primer was applied to the tiles, to prepare the surface to receive GLS 100R®.

Finally, GLS 100R® Specialist anti-slip coating was spray-applied to the entire walkway. Because GLS 100R® is TOUCH-DRY in under 10 seconds, the team had completed the whole job, which was signed off by the Client at 03:18.

Later the same day, early morning commuters were streaming over the footbridge to catch their trains, completely unaware that less than 4 hours earlier, the bridge had received an entirely new, anti-slip coating.

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