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Wessex Routes have chosen the best
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Wessex Routes have insulated ALL of their Location Cases covered by the ORR Notice I/20121220/JSM (SIN 119)

How did they achieve this?

From Waterloo to Southampton, GLS Coatings Technicians, with their fully mobile, self-contained spray units, travelled over 1,000 miles in two weeks to prepare, and insulate ALL of the platform-sited Location Cases.

Using top-of-the range Graco E-10 Coating Units, complete with generators and compressors, GLS Coatings' PTS-trained Technicians tackled the diversity of the work head-on. From Locs under stairs at Waterloo to some set into embankments on the more rural stations, the work was completed in just TWO WEEKS.

Dave Howden, Project Manager, for Works Delivery Wessex, who commissioned the work said,

"GLS Coatings' technicians completed all of the Location Cases within two weeks of my first phone call to them."

Changing The Face Of Rail

GLS 100R

Specialist coatings for rust, corrosion and waterproof protection for rail infrastructure

A GLS Coatings Technician at work coating one of the Location Cases on the Wessex Route. The GLS 100R® Coating insulates the case up to 35,000 Volts.

GLS 100R® Coating ensures the mechanics of the Location Cases are not compromised, while ensuring complete insulation.

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